Therapy shouldn’t be an endless process, but a brief detour on the road of life.

For over 25 years, Dr. Tracey Stulberg and the Birmingham Family Therapy Clinic have successfully treated couples, families, individuals and groups using Brief-Therapy.

Brief Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that utilizes your strengths and resources to help you effectively identify and resolve situations, usually in fewer than 10 sessions. Dr. Stulberg individualizes her work using a brief, collaborative approach, with you as a partner. Together, you define your goals; re-evaluate the way you respond to difficult situations and approach them in ways that create positive changes. These changes help resolve your challenges quickly and permanently, promoting long-lasting solutions using tools that you’ll continue to use should new problems arise.

These tools often include “homework” directed to achieve beneficial change outside of therapy while fine-tuning those skills learned during sessions. Working together then becomes more efficient and effective. In fact, most clients report feeling more control over their situation after just one session.

Whether you are about to begin a new relationship, want to improve on your existing relationship, or save a very troubled one, Brief Therapy can make a significant contribution.

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